Feb 10, 2012 in Inspiration

DOCAlliance is an online portal which offers on-demand access to some four hundred documentaries selected by several partner festivals which decided to work together to promote innovative feature documentaries.

DOCAlliance was established in 2008 as a partnership between DOK Leipzig, CPH:DOX Copenhagen, IDFF Jihlava, Planete Doc Review Warsaw  and VISIONS DU REEL Nyon. They have recently been joined by FIDMarseille as a new member.

DOCAlliance deals in both classic docs and new productions. Their database can be searched by title and by director; it also contains a section of recently added titles. Among the names featured on DOCAlliance you will find  Harun Farocki, Avi Mograbi, Michael Glawogger, Chris Marker, Ulrich Seidel, Nino Kirtadzé, Pernille Rose Grønkjær.  

Apart from the occasional nuisance of coming across a film unavailable for viewers based in the UK, DOCAlliance  is a gold mine for those yet to be introduced to the rich documentary tradition of Eastern Europe. If you are novice when it comes to that, here are a few suggestions of recent docs from the region, before you start working your way through the classics: Andrei Paounov (Georgi and the Butterflies), Lucie Králová (Lost Holiday), Helena  Třeštiková (René), Adina Pintilie (Don’t  Get me Wrong), Alexandru Solomon (The Great Communist Bank Robbery), Peter Kerekes (Across the Border, Cooking History).

Right now DocAlliance is preparing  to introduce a series of lectures by leading European filmmakers, starting with Filip Remunda, co-director of Czech Dream and Czech Peace. The lectures accompanied by selected film previews  will be available for free stream from 26th March.