Work-in-Progress: Doctoral Research

Jan 31, 2013 in Inspiration

Aikaterini Gegesian
Space, modernity and subjectivity in post-soviet Yerevan
Klaik Trade Center







Over the past few months, I have been editing the essay film Klaik Trade Center (provisional title) shot in location in Yerevan, Armenia. The film foregrounds the post-Soviet urban environment as a landscape where questions of displacement, gender, labour, modernity and globalisation are explored.

Klaik Trade Center is built upon a circular motif and through the juxtaposition of two spaces, moving between the feminised domestic interior of a derelict soviet house and the militarised cityscape of the post-Soviet transitional narrative. The movement between those spaces forms the basic structural unit of the film, constructing the work as an expression of thinking through space.

In parallel to editing the film, I have also been theoretically exploring the function of filmic space in the essay film. My concern has been to question the dominance of the temporal over the spatial in moving image practices, and to assert the importance of filmic space within film structure.







The structure of Klaik Trade Center becomes the site for the interrogation of temporality (the curse of linear narrative progression), but also for questioning the dominant representations of a measurable and homogeneous space, by opening up space to a circular structure. The film also reflects on the individual character of space, its construction as place, the way the movement from place to space is experienced, the position of space in relation to other spaces and its function as a cultural object. Through Klaik Trade Center, I argue that the essay film is a spatial discourse, in which filmic space is always aware that it continuously produces, constructs, frames and subverts space, place and itself.