We are proud to join DREAM SOLDIER by Ulrike Kubatta as co-producers

Feb 13, 2013 in Inspiration

From filmmaker Ulrike Kubatta:

Dream Soldier explores exciting new methods of documentary storytelling and innovative approaches to understanding history by incorporating fantasy and role-play. With a bold style and distinctive structure, the film embodies the idea that history is a place of excitement, discoveries and personal connections. 

THE PREMISE: Dream Soldier is an action documentary about war and escapism, heroes and living history.  At its core is a young man’s obsessive homage to his real life WWII hero, Forrest Guth.  Jonnie Hodson’s extraordinary tribute takes the audience on a one-off journey as he tries to get to the truth about Forrest, to get closer to him. Just like Jonnie, the audience is going to relive and discover history.

THE PROJECT: Dream Soldier mixes elements of the road movie, biopic and war film, and tells the story of two men’s journeys: a maverick, rebellious army sergeant from Pennsylvania (from the real ‘Band of Brothers’) on tour in the Europe of WWII; and his present day follower, a passionate war re-enactor seeking to connect with, experience and finally uncover his hero’s life. Through a series of dramatic encounters with Jonnie, Dream Soldier sets out to reveal the life of Forrest Guth.

THE JOURNEY:  Dream Soldier has a simple story. We see Jonnie travel and change.  He goes to camp and is transformed, he goes into a ‘virtual’ battle and emerges in Delaware, America.  This is where Forrest became a pillar of the community after the war.  So, he travels and gets closer and closer to Guth.  It’s a quest.

THE UNSHAKABLE BOND: Five years ago, Jonnie met Forrest in person during a veterans’ visit to the UK. Guth discovered that his legacy lives on – through Jonnie – in the re-created world of living history.  Jonnie saw a role model in Guth. 2009, Jonnie received the news that Forrest had died. Now, Jonnie’s portrayal of Guth has taken on a heightened meaning. He has become a living memorial to his hero.

Dream Soldier will be made with highly experienced production talent, including the former head of the European Script Fund of Development, Kubrick’s former editor and a Hollywood DOP. We are currently in talks with Warner Bros Studios (Leavesden) to shoot on one of their soundstages.

Above all, Dream Soldier challenges its audience and the perception of war as spectacle, game and movie. Jonnie is the ultimate war re-enactor and this film gives me the chance to challenge the way war is played out in our culture. Especially as a female director, I want to get underneath the iconography and theatre of war and explore how our ideas of conflict are so bound up with films and the glamour of Hollywood.

More details on http://dreamsoldier.net/about